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Jobs - Senior PHP Consultant

Note : we are not looking for offshore/nearshore development companies or consultancy offers. These profiles are for permanent positions or freelancers that are located in Belgium.


Senior PHP Consultant

What you'll be doing... mostly... (aka "Job description")

  • Writing PHP code (too obvious ?), both for our customers as well as internal tools for ourselves or our partners
  • Helping build the architecture of the internal frameworks
  • Working with Linux (mostly) and Windows (rarely) servers : setting them up, tuning them for performance, automating deployment, ...
  • Helping and coaching junior developers, so they can become at least just as good
  • Coming up with the craziest ideas (we like crazy, because crazy ideas is what set us apart from the rest !)
  • Enjoying your job ! There's no point in doing a job you don't like... people who love their job do things a lot more efficient and better :-)

What information should be in your brain (aka "Required knowledge/experience")

  • You should be fluent in PHP 7 and all its aspects, including (but most certainly not limited to) Object Oriented Development, namespacing, SPL, etc.
  • You should¬†NOT be a Drupal/Joomla/Mambo/... developer. If you can't write a new CMS from scratch, you're not a Senior PHP Consultant, you're a Drupal/Joomla/Mambo... scripter... sorry ;-)
  • Zend Framework or Symfony should be on your daily usage list. If MVC sounds like a new Chinese car brand to you, then you're in the wrong place
  • Your idea of version control is not making a copy of File.php to File.php.1 - you know how to use Subversion or GIT and know how to branch, tag, merge, etc.
  • FTP sounds like the worst possible thing for deployment... but you used it yesterday to help out a customer
  • You love TDD and CI, you don't want to work without IDE-integrated CodeSniffer and you love typing /** just to help your future self remember what you were doing
  • Linux is your prefered choice for server deployment and you know there's a webserver other than Apache
  • Ofcourse you're not limited to writing code in PHP... your javascript is flawless and you have good understanding of XHTML and CSS (no designer skills required, don't worry)
  • You're a native Dutch or French speaker and your English is good enough to have a discussion... and you're keen on improving your verbal languages

What's in your goodie bag (aka "What we offer")

  • A challenging job... trust us, you'll be challenged to the limit !
  • An exciting job... you'll get to play with technologies you've never worked with... and with existing technologies in ways you've never thought of
  • A monthly salary similar to market standards
  • Extralegal benefits of various sorts (no we won't spoil the fun of telling you in person :p)
  • Regular visits to conferences in and outside Europe
  • No 9-to-5 job, but a you-give-you-receive job
  • Being a part of a great team and a fantastic future !

To apply or for more information, contact us.