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Our consultants

Goals for each consultant

Our consultants have goals to meet.

For developers :

  • Zend PHP Certification exam
  • Zend Framework Certified Engineer certification exam
  • MySQL Certified Developer certification exam

For DBAs :

  • MySQL Certified DBA certification exam
  • MySQL Certified Cluster Engineer certification exam

But we don't stop there :

  • Monthly in-house or external training
  • Regular conference visits
  • Internal knowledge base for knowledge exchange
  • Because not keeping up means falling behind !


What do we teach our consultants ?

  • Object-oriented development
  • Functional design (wireframes, prototyping, flow diagrams, use cases, ...)
  • Technical design (UML, IE)
  • Design patterns (MVC, factory, iterator, ...)
  • Tools (Zend Studio, Xdebug, Cachegrind, PHPUnit, ...)
  • Source Control (SVN, GIT, CVS)
  • Documentation (phpDoc, Wiki Tools, ...)
  • Operating Systems (Linux, Windows, MacOS)
  • Web Servers (Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd)
  • Caching tools (APC, Memcache, ...)
  • Networking
  • and a lot more...