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Open Source Mirrors

We provide mirrors for a number of open source projects, totaling over 4TB of open source data :

Mirror Official URL Updated every
PHP Yes 1 hour
REMI RPM Yes 1 hour
Apache Yes 6 hours
CPAN Yes 24 hours
Eclipse Yes Direct from Eclipse 6 hours
CentOS Yes 6 hours
Fedora EPEL Yes 6 hours
IUS Yes 6 hours
LibreOffice (TDF) Pending 4 hour
GNU Yes 6 hours
Repoforge/RPMforge Yes 6 hours
Jenkins Yes 4 hour
MariaDB Yes 4 hours
KDE Yes 4 hours
KDE Apps Yes 4 hours
Linux Mint Yes 4 hours
Linux Mint packages Yes 4 hours
Putty No 6 hours
ArchLinux Yes 4 hours
Raspbian Yes 12 hours
Manjaro Yes 4 hours
Ubuntu releases Yes 4 hours
Gentoo Pending 4 hours
Gentoo Portage rsync Pending

4 hours