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Jan 23, 2011 presenting @ phpBenelux

We'll be presenting a tutorial at the phpBenelux Conference in Antwerp, Belgium on Jan 28, 2011. The tutorial is titled 'Caching and tuning fun for high scalability' and will be presented by Wim Godden.


The tutorial will discuss the following topics (and a lot more) :

- General introduction into caching (what it is, what types of caching techniques there are, etc.)
- Some common caching implementations (the good, the bad and the ugly)
- How to keep your site scalable by caching
- How to bring down your site (how NOT to cache !) - i.e. commonly used techniques that lead to disaster
- Caching outside the box
- Spread, don't duplicate
- Scalable alternatives to LAMMP (no, not a typo !)
- Applying Varnish
- Backend done, let's go frontend !
- Tuning quickies
- Finally, a live demo with all of the described techniques applied while performing a stress-test


Tickets are still available here. Order while you still can.