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Performance and scalability in the PHP ecosystem

This course bundles all of our experience developing highly scalable website over the last 10 years.

Contents :

  • Web architecture
  • Alternatives to the LAMP stack
  • Importance of web stack choices
  • Advanced web and database server configuration
  • Caching (why ? how-to ? how-NOT-to ?)
  • Database indexing - basic and advanced
  • Database sharding
  • Database replication and clustering
  • Database tuning
  • System Tuning
  • Frontend tuning for backend performance
  • and much more

Recommended knowledge : experience with web development and the LAMP stack

The training course features lesson material, but also includes practical exercises. A training certificate will be provided at the end of the training course.

Duration : 16h

Required material : Laptop (if possible with administrator rights)