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Zend Framework Starter

Zend Framework is the leading MVC framework in the world. Developed by contributions of hundreds of developers and deployed on thousands of servers, this framework is key knowledge for any PHP developer.

This course provides an introduction to Zend Framework, including MVC, database integration, authentication, ACL, layouts, forms, etc.

Contents :

  • Introduction to Zend Framework
  • Models, Controllers & Views
  • Databases & Web Services
  • Debugging
  • Authentication & ACL
  • Layout & View Helpers
  • Forms
  • Caching, Performance
  • RIA


Suited for developers with solid understanding of PHP, including object oriented programming.

The training course features lesson material, but also includes practical exercises. A training certificate will be provided at the end of the training course.


Duration : 19h

Required material : Laptop (if possible with administrator rights)