Junior PHP Developer

What you’ll be doing… mostly… (aka “Job description”)

  • Writing PHP code (too obvious ?), both for our customers as well as internal tools for ourselves or our partners
  • Working with Linux (mostly) and Windows (rarely) servers : setting them up, tuning them for performance, automating deployment, …
  • Coming up with the craziest ideas (we like crazy, because crazy ideas is what set us apart from the rest !)
  • Enjoying your job ! There’s no point in doing a job you don’t like… people who love their job do things a lot more efficient and better 🙂

What information should be in your brain (aka “Required knowledge/experience”)

  • You should be fluent in PHP 8 and all its aspects, including Object Oriented Development
  • You should NOT be a pure Drupal/Joomla/Mambo/… developer. We build applications on large frameworks, not on top of CMS systems
  • You should have some experience with either Symfony, Laravel or Laminas. If MVC sounds like a new Chinese car brand to you and DI sounds like a British princess, then you’re in the wrong place
  • Your idea of version control is not making a copy of File.php to File.php.1 – you know how to use Git
  • You have a hint of what Unit Testing is or you’re interested in learning to work with it
  • You love the idea of having the same coding standard for everyone and you hate it when people don’t comment their overly complex code
  • You have some basic understanding of Linux and networking
  • Ofcourse you’re not limited to writing code in PHP… you know javascript and you have good understanding of XHTML and CSS (no designer skills required, don’t worry) and you’re keen to learn other languages as well
  • Your English is good enough to have a technical discussion. You’re a native Dutch or French speaker or keen to learn

What’s in your goodie bag (aka “What we offer”)

  • A challenging job… trust us, you’ll be challenged to the limit !
  • An exciting job… you’ll get to play with technologies you’ve never worked with… and with existing technologies in ways you’ve never thought of
  • A job where you can learn… a lot… a whole lot !
  • A monthly salary similar to market standards
  • Extralegal benefits of various sorts (no we won’t spoil the fun of telling you in person)
  • Regular visits to conferences in and outside Europe
  • No 9-to-5 job, but a you-give-you-receive job
  • Partially on-site, partially work-from-home (the company average is 2 days/week at the office)
  • Being a part of a great team and a fantastic future !

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