Web Application Development

Always dreamed of a specific application for your business ? Whether it’s an app for bookings, web orders, warehouse management, an internal tool for your employees, … We build the application you have in mind

Simplify processes and optimize your workflow with a web application that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

We keep it simple

Clean, user-friendly and convenient. No fuss, no unnecessary bells and whistles. We only build what is needed for your business to succeed.

Safe and sound

We use the latest frameworks and most secure web stack. We have extensive experience in IT security and we help you comply with the rules of GDPR.

No half measures

We look at the big picture and make everything fit together. We don't build an application that only solves 60% of your problem, we go for the full 100%

Streamline your business

We build the web application you have in mind

Building complex web applications is what we do, and we do it well. We’re not the typical small website builders. We create interactive applications that combine data, users and dynamic content. Tell us about your dream application is and we’ll build it for you. 

How we do business

  • We get to know you and your business thoroughly. What are your needs and desires ?
  • We conduct a functional analysis: What processes are in place today ? Who does what ? What should the applocation solve ? 
  • What exactly do you have in mind ? We customize our approach and working methods based on your project.
  • Using prototypes, we show your future application.
  • We build, launch and perform updates so your application stays up-to-date in features and security.
We build the web application you have in mind

Use case

Cross Account Accesses

Despite the digitization, many companies rely daily on manual business processes. This increases dependencies and the risk of human error, in a growing, fast paced environment.

General Question

Typical software development focuses on building programs that run locally on a computer.

Web application development also uses code to create user-oriented software, but the application is accessible via a web browser, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere and by manua users simultaneously.

The process of web application development is different for each project.

Some projects are simple and can be built in a matter of weeks, others require extensive analysis and a significant development effort.

If you would like to get some insight for your web application development, let's discuss your dream project in a meeting !

At Cu.be, we are fluent in PHP and love to use PHP frameworks, such as Symfony. That doesn't mean we don't speak other programming languages! Javascript or other languages and tools have no secrets for us and can be used when necessary. From MySQL and MariaDB to Redis, from Nginx to CouchDB, ... with our broad knowledge we will use the right tool/technology/language for your web application project!


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