B2B and B2C Commerce

Looking for an e-commerce solution that will boost your business ? A tailor-made solution that fits like a glove and can communicate with all stakeholders and involved processes ? A direct-to-consumer or wholesale platform that will change the way you do business ? 

Ready to give your customers the experience they deserve ? Then let’s automate your B2B or B2C commerce ! We automate from A to Z, from business to shop, to stock, to supplier, to ERP, … . We help you reduce the workload, increase sales and maximize your conversion rates by building the perfect B2B or B2C webshop. 

We love complex cases

Let's be clear, we are not your average webshop builder. Cu.be choses complex projects, we perform best when the going gets tough.

We put your customer first

We make online purchases easier than ever for your customers, so you generate more revenue.

When we do something, we do it right

We make your systems work 24/7, with no breaks in between.

Future-proof your B2B/B2C Commerce

Automation from A to Z

Our B2C commerce solutions enable you to get in touch with your customers anytime, anywhere. Our experts ensure that your platform runs smoothly, so end users can easily buy your products, stock is always up-to-date, orders are automatically placed with suppliers, and so much more. 

For B2B companies, we translate business into IT. From direct integrations with supplier platforms to portals for employees. Whatever your business needs to operate better, our experts will get it done and make your systems talk to each other. Learn more about how we automate full processes!

How we do business

  • We get to know you and your business thoroughly. What are your needs and desires ?
  • We conduct a functional analysis: What manual processes are in place today ? What are the different responsibilities ? Which steps are executed by which team ?
  • Focus on processes : how can we improve and save time and money ?
  • And of course user experience and user friendliness is taken into consideration. 
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Use case

Cross Account Accesses

Despite the digitization, many companies rely daily on manual business processes. This increases dependencies and the risk of human error, in a growing, fast paced environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past 20 years, we've integrated with numerous ERP platforms (both proprietary and Open Source). We can use pull, push or a combination of both to keep stock, orders, shipping status and any other information up-to-date.

There is no single solution that's right for everyone. That's why we're not a Magento (or Shopify or ...) company, but a solutions provider that evaluates your needs in order to select the right solution for you.

Web application development - for b2b and b2c

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Other Services

Solutions & Focus Areas

We build the solution you have in mind. Only better. We think along and think ahead. We are your one-stop-shop when it comes to software development. Your sparring partner that understands your business and guides you to the best possible solution.

Interactive Customer Terminals

Scale your services throughout multiple locations, without any physical contact.

Web Application Development

Optimize your workflow with a web application that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Business Process Automation

Automate your process flows, reduce the workload and ensure healthy growth of your business!