Modern IT & Tech Service Solutions delivers software with business impact. We take on projects from A to Z and do things the right way. We listen, analyse, code, test, deploy and train, everything in-house. 

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IT & Software Solutions, that’s 20 years of skillful software development. Anything that can be built, automated, connected, digitalised - we’ve got it !

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All our in-house developers are experienced masters of open source software. And we have years of experience in translating business into IT.

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About Us

We build the IT solution you have in mind

Software with business impact, that’s what we deliver. We automate everything, anything and make systems talk. Talk to each other and talk to you. This way your processes run seamlessly. Bye bye manual labour, hello automated, streamlined business.

“We are, but we think outside of that cube. We don’t walk the easy road, we walk your road. For your business to run optimally, we make sure every process is automated to the limit, allowing you to focus on growing your business instead of manual tedious tasks.” – Wim Godden, CEO

Our Services

Solutions & Focus Areas

We build the solution you have in mind. Only better. We think along and think ahead. We are your one-stop-shop when it comes to software development, your sparring partner who understands your business and guides you to the best possible solution.

Business Process Automation

Automate your process flows, reduce the workload and ensure healthy growth of your business !

Web Application Development

Optimize your workflow with a web application that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Interactive Customer Terminals

Scale your services in multiple locations, with terminals that your customers can use without your physical presence.

B2B and B2C Commerce

Starting or boosting your B2B or B2C commerce ? We have the right solution that lets your customers order and talks to your ERP.

Mobile Locker - Collibree &

Case Studies

IT Solutions & Projects

We are experts in our field and are happy to show you !

Discover some of the exciting projects we’ve completed.

Mobile lockers collibree

Mobile Locker - Collibree &

Interactive Customer Terminals

An inside look how we created a new software for the locker system of Collibree with a tight deadline of 2 months.

Invocie system LCL belgium

Invoice system - LCL Belgium &

Business Process Automation

Turning a manual Word and Excel based invoicing system into a fully automated contract and invoicing platform for  LCL Belgium. 

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We want to immerse ourselves in your world, your business, your day-to-day operations. We see things from your perspective but also keep a bird’s eye view. We build the solution that you have in mind. We think future-proof and suggest improvements for valuable integrations.

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From internal news over technical articles to advice for your business, we love sharing our knowledge with you in our blog posts !

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