Our Office

Combining the useful and the pleasant...

Like many companies, we have a hybrid model, allowing employees to work from home and meeting up at the office on certain days.

When we meet at the office, we use the time to discuss important topics, help each other out, have trainings and of course catch up on personal stories around the water cooler.

Our completely renovated office features :

  • lots of glass inside and out
  • auto-dimming LED panels to guarantee constant light levels
  • a spacious yet cosy kitchen (stocked with plenty of drinks)
  • large and well-ventilated meeting rooms
  • airconditioning in all spaces
  • a lab area for tinkering with electronics and 3D printing
We’re located next to a full feature fitness called Fyzix and for active employees that want to go for a lunch-time run, we have showers on site.