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While many companies keep churning out copies of the same thing, uses the right tools for every project to deliver exactly what the customer wants and needs.

Jordan Cox – Project Manager


The right technology, every single time

At, we don’t pick the same technology for every project just because we know it well. We evaluate different options every single time, picking the right technology for each project.

Logically we have more experience in some things than others, but choosing the best solution for our customers is our primary goal. After all, our customers want software that matches their needs, not ours.


Open Source when possible

Our team has over 25 years of experience in Open Source technologies and has experienced first-hand the advantages in terms of performance, security and interoperability it offers compared to proprietary software.

This does not mean that software built for customers is automatically released as Open Source as well. Customers have full intellectual property over the source code written for them.


Technologies we use

A short list of things we commonly use

Official PHP Logo


The most popular Development Language on the Internet, powering over 65% of all Websites


One of the most popular frontend Javascript frameworks used for building user interfaces and single page applications


We don't release software in a manual step-by-step, error-prone process. We automate software releases from development to production, ensuring what we build works exactly the same on every environment


One of the Top 3 PHP Frameworks, used in enterprise grade applications around the world


The top programming language in the world for the last 3 years, used across all platforms and all types of applications


Our primary DevOps platform, used for code management, Quality Assurance (automated testing, CI, CD, code quality checkes, code reviews) and build generation


An Open Source Customer Relationship Management platform. is proud to be an Oro Silver Partner


We containerize all our development to ensure we use identical setups on all environments to guarantee consistency throughout our development and deployment

Payment terminals

For our customers we integrated a number of payment terminals of the brands Worldline, Nayax, Payter, as well as contactless solutions of the brand GET