Interactive Customer Terminals

Distributing your services across multiple locations without a need to have staff in all those locations ? Think of information kiosks, dispensers, automated lockers, … Whatever your need, we build the right software for your interactive terminal.

We integrate web-based platforms and applications with specific hardware infrastructure and integrate them with your internal business processes. In other words, we make sure that your customers can use your terminal easily and that all processes are synchronized, whenever and wherever your customers choose to use the terminal.

A to Z approach

You ask, we deliver. We have a 360 view of your business and integrate all the necessary processes.

We have the expertise and network

We are true experts in our field and thrive when things get complicated. Together with our (hardware) partners, we make your dreams come true.

We integrate your hardware

Whether it's a ticket printer, a barcode scanner or a battery charger, we can integrate it with your platform and synchronise the data in real-time.

Go for innovation!

Your tailor-made terminal

In recent years, interactive devices have become the new normal, and customers love it ! Just think about fully automatic self-scanning in the supermarket or parcel delivery lockers. It allows customers to serve themselves at their own pace (and corona proof).

Additionally, with interactive customer terminals, your company can decrease staffing cost and offer unattended services in new locations.

We build your terminal or kiosk from the ground up. We build and connect your backend processes, integrate it  with hardware, add automated deployment, management, reporting and so much more. Everything you need to have your dream terminal.

How we do business

  • We get to know you and your business thoroughly. What are your needs and desires ?
  • What exactly do you have in mind ? We customize our approach working methods based on your project.
  • We perform a detailed functional and technical analysis.
  • What hardware do you need ? We think along and call on our partners.
interactive customer terminal

Use case

Fully automated locker platform (Mobile Locker)

An inside look how we created a new software for mobile lockers of Collibree with a tight deadline of 3 months.


General Question

What’s in the name, right? A feedback terminal is a kind of kiosk where people can quickly give their feedback on a particular service by, for example, pressing a like or dislike button. An Interactive Customer Terminal goes much further and can be more complex : QR codes, sensors, lockers, printers, payment terminals, ... You name it, we can do it !

We do what we do best, and that is software development. But we do have a large network of partners that are rocking the hardware side of things, partners we rely on and who deliver quality products.

Whether it's indoor or outdoor pillars, terminals integrated into the wall, whatever design you have in mind... Together with them, we build the terminal / kiosk of your dreams.

The most important advantage is that you can be there for your customers 24/7, because an Interactive Customer Terminal is always operational.

In addition, a terminal can be placed in a location where you don't have any staff, allowing you to expand to new locations.

interactive customer terminal

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