Business Process Automation

Many companies are still drowning in endless paperwork or relying extensively on manual business processes. Tricky, because every person makes mistakes, resulting in profit loss, missed deadlines, unhappy customers and low productivity. By digitizing your business and automating flows, you reduce workload  (saving money) and eliminate errors (saving money again). With a 360 degree approach, we optimize existing processes and automate manual tasks, replacing frustrations and inefficiencies by a fast and healthy growth for your business !

Technical skills and business insight

We automate your processes from A to Z, leaving no stone unturned. We thrive when challenged with complexity and translate your business needs into an easy-to-use solution.

We're no pushovers

We take a critical look at your current processes and are not afraid to challenge you. We are not just integrators, we think along and think ahead !

We immerse ourselves in your world and business

We put ourselves in your shoes, but also keep a bird’s eye view. We invest in getting to know you, in understanding what you want to achieve and in discovering what dreams and goals you have.

Future-proof your company

Let automation unburden you streamlines your business and eliminates manual labour where possible. Where possible, we use a step-by-step approach, so your manual processes are gradually replaced and you can focus on improvements and growth, not on execution. We analyze your business and existing processes (not only your IT systems). We don’t start from a clean sheet. What’s already in place is not necessarily wrong, but their might be room for improvement. Any repeatable process that’s not automated can slow down your business growth.

Business Process Automation can save the day ! Based on thorough analysis, our experts develop a well-defined strategy to automate your business processes.

How we do business

  • We get to know you and your business from A to Z. What are your needs and desires?
  • We conduct a functional analysis : what are the manual processes in place today ? What are the different responsibilities ? What steps are in each workflow ? And what about future workflows ?
  • Focus on processes : how can we improve and save time and money ?
Let automation unburden you - skyscrapers

Use case

Contracting and invoicing automation (LCL Belgium)

From manual invoicing in Word and Excel to full contracting and invoicing automation


General Question

In complex organizations, a big bang approach is often near-impossible and very costly.

A step by step approach allows you to gradually replace manual processes, limiting the amount of potential issues and keeping a focus. It also helps employees adjust per workflow that's being automated.

We build custom solutions, meaning we don't try to adjust an off-the-shelf product to your needs.

That doesn't mean we start from scratch. On the contrary : we build on existing application frameworks. We extensively use OroPlatform and OroCRM as a starting point and integrate with what you already have in place. No need for in-house technical knowledge or monthly maintenance, our experts are happy to guide and support you.

You can use BPA anytime. Do you feel that manual tasks are blocking your efficiency and business growth ? Is repetitive work causing you to lose money and does it limit agility ? With Business Process Automation, you are no longer at risk of depending on manual tasks and knowledge of specific people. Not really sure this is your thing or where to start ? Let’s have a coffee. Book a free sparring session !

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