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As a reliable partner in state-of-the-art Tier 3 data center facilities, LCL Belgium highly invests in systems and their maintenance to provide a secure environment in which companies can house and run their business IT equipment, without interruption. With a focus on innovative solutions, customer care, security and the environment, LCL Belgium ensures strong growth and positions as a market leader.

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From Word and Excel to full automation

LCL grew organically, together with the growth of the Internet. Typical for organic growth is an invoicing process that involves manual drafted in Word and Excel. This led to huge amounts of manual work and occasional mistakes. This resulted in higher staffing costs and lost revenue. With specific invoicing rules incorporated in contracts, the company was strongly dependent on the knowledge of individual employees. This led to an increasingly complicated invoicing process.

“Theoretically, a license for an extensive ERP and accounting software could have been purchased, but without expensive customization this software would not be able to accommodate the complex rules required to handle the contracts and invoicing.”

Custom built invoicing system

LCL’s trust in Solutions is the result of a long-standing cooperation that spans almost 20 years. After several succesfully completed projects, LCL called on’s services for this project as well. To automate the invoicing system, built a custom solution on top of the existing OroCRM that was already implemented by in 2016. All contract information was centralised, allowing fully automated billing of all services, including monthly recurring charges, cabling and power consumption. Now, every month invoices are generated and printed/e-mailed automatically, without human intervention.

Training before implementation

Before the new automated system went into production, all users received thorough training. In addition, our team is always available to answer additional questions or to solve problems.

Ever since the newly automated invoicing system was installed, the amount of manual invoicing has been reduced to near-zero, as has the error rate. All contract information is now digitally available and linked to all the services and assets of each customer. This provides a 360 degree view on all customers, contracts and in-depth analysis of all financial information.

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