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Mobile Locker: continue your business after hours

Handy, affordable and accessible : Mobile Locker / Collibree ensures that your business keeps running 24/7. Packages can be delivered and collected by customers at any time. Lockers can be opened safely and contactlessly with a QR code. Integration to existing backend systems allows you to have a full view of all transactions, with all deliveries fully traceable. Easy for both business owners and clients !


Existing software challenges

Although Mobile Locker’s concept caught on, the lockers regularly encountered software problems. The lack of stability and limited functionality led to unhappy customers and frustrating experiences, which did not help the growth of the product or the company. Mobile Locker started looking for a partner that could support them with the further rollout of their existing software. Thanks to a previous successfully completed project for a joint connection, Mobile Lockers contacted to guide them through this task.

“Reuse or rebuild ? evaluates and provides a clear picture.”

Brand new software in no time

After a thorough analysis, it was the decided that the current software had to be replaced. Not an easy decision, but definitely the right one. The challenge? Getting the brand new software up and running within three months, a deadline defined by the date of the next event where the lockers had to be used. met the deadline with flying colours: payment devices (cash and card), identification devices (RFID, QR code), ticket printers and a fully equipped graphic user interface were all operational. Happy festival-goers were delighted to use a stable 24/7 locker system to store their valuables.

Adjusting to perfection

After this first phase, the system was extended to provide fully clustered setups with multiple payment terminals renting out large amounts of lockers simultaneously. Large festivals with over 85.000 visitors were served 24h/day with fully automated locker systems.

Several more phases followed, with more hardware integrations and a complete online management system, allowing a full view and remote control over every aspect of the customer’s locker business.

Multiple advantages

The integration of a fully automated installation and upgrade system for the locker units, a central management system of all aspects of the business, automated hardware device detection, real-time reporting and logging… are only a few of the advantages brought about by the new software – delivered by

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