Senior Full Stack Engineer

At, we don’t just build Web applications or automation tools.

We build things using the latest standards, but often in non-standard ways. Why ? Because in order to make a difference, we need to innovate for and with our customers.

Like many companies, we’re technical at heart. But unlike many companies, we’re also business-savvy at the same time. So we don’t just build what our customers ask, we build what our customers (and their customers) need. This means happier customers that stay with us and trust us, so we can innovate even more… and have fun doing so !

We use...

  • PHP (8.x) for Web projects, usually with Symfony
  • Python (3.9+) for hardware integration projects
  • MySQL/MariaDB, Postgresql, Redis, MongoDB, Memcached, …
  • Ansible, Gitlab, Cockpit, PowerDNS, PHPStorm/PyCharm, DataGrip, RackTables, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Monolog, Slack, LibreNMS, Sentry, InfluxDB, Grafana, Nginx, Docker, RabbitMQ, wireguard
  • … basically the right tools for the job

We do things...

  • The right way
  • Using the latest standards
  • Proper automated testing
  • Continuous integration with multiple pipelines for QA
  • Gitlab is our main platform, tied in with Jira, Sentry, LibreNMS, etc
  • We’re not cloud-crazy (we don’t put everything in the cloud just because we can) – we host where best suited, dockerize in most cases, and use common sense when it comes to architecture and infrastructure

What we're looking for...

  • Passionate people that
  • have solid experience (5y+ in professional use) in Symfony
  • are interested in improving existing skills and learning new skills,
  • are not afraid to think outside the box,
  • are willing to share knowledge with colleagues,
  • are always looking for the best long-term solution,
  • are team players

What we're offering...

  • Challenging (in the good sense) projects
  • Non-stop learning opportunities (on-project, trainings, conferences)
  • Working for customers that express gratitude for a job well done
  • Fun, open and knowledgeable colleagues
  • A nice atmosphere
  • Flexible working hours

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